We will go forward


For Global intellectual properties,
we will provide our knowledges and experiences,
that have been accumulated in more than a half century since the foundation in 1965,
in their totality, and by the long-developed organizational capability.

About Our Firm

President Message:

The president declares to do our best to establish and protect client's intellectual properties.

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Profile of Our Firm:

This firm was established in 1965, and has been active in the field of intellectual properties, in particular, patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks.

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Characteristic of Our Firm:

Our services to clients are based on three strong pillars: a variety of practitioners having experienced numerous complex cases; a unique organization managed to accomplish the determined goal; and global communication abilities of making prompt and smooth communication with many countries.

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What “Sankyo” means is:

Our firm name “Sankyo” means the philosophy of our firm that aims at combining three principles: Dedication to Client; Trustworthy Skill; and Fellowship as Community.

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Structure of Our Firm:

Our firm has an intimately integrated organizational structure to provide a professional service suitable to different clients’needs, and mainly comprising a patent division, design and trademark division, national secretary division, foreign secretary division, and Chinese group whose members are readily communicate with one another, if necessary.

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Our Members

We are proudly introducing our patent attorneys including Chinese patent attorneys. They have a variety of business experiences in enterprises as well as global-wide expert knowledges, and are capable of understanding particular or specific concerns of the client more deeply.

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Osaka Nakanoshima Building 2F.,
2-2, Nakanoshima 2-chome, Kita-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0005 JAPAN


+81-6-6233-1453 (for Patent)
+81-6-6233-1452 (for Design and Trademark)
+81-6-6233-1456 (for Others)


+81-6-6233-1470 (for Patent)
+81-6-6233-1468 (for Design and Trademark)
+81-6-6233-1471 (for Others)


gaikoku@sankyo-pat.gr.jp (for Patent)
f-tmd-dept@sankyo-pat.gr.jp (for Design and Trademark)
sokei@sankyo-pat.gr.jp (for Others)

Nearest stations:

  • Subway Midosuji Line and Keihan Main Line; Yodoyabashi Station (4-minute walk from Exit 7)
  • Subway Yotsubashi Line; Higobashi Station (4-minute walk from Exit 4)
  • Keihan Nakanoshima Line; Oebashi Station (1-minute walk from Exit 2)